Real Life Stories

Justin and Dustin Battle Grief

Justin tells the story of his Match:

I was adopted at a young age to an amazing who family who raised me into the man that I am today. I wanted to give back the same care, love, companionship, impact, and overall positive influence my family provided me. Once I found a stable job and lifestyle I began to search online and found the BBBS organization.

My relationship with Dustin has been truly rewarding. He reminds me so much of myself when I was his age. He has reminded me of how special life as a young person is and that you cannot take life for granted. Our relationship has convinced me that life is about giving and as a result I have found a passion in mentoring and helping other young adults and kids. Over time, I have found a new friend and the little brother I never had growing up. I hope that I have made half of the impact on his life as he has made on mine.

Dustin and I spend a lot of our time at Branford CrossFit, a gym that focusing on strength and conditioning. Dustin is learning the value of hard work and making the correlation to achieving something that he wants. I can see a look of determination and focus on his face every time we go to the gym. Having something that you are truly passionate about only brings out the best in you.

Recently, Dustin’s grandfather passed away. Mr. N was the male family figure in his life as was my grandfather when I was his age. My grandfather passed away only a few short months before Mr. N. Losing a grandparent is a connection that we share together. Dustin and I have talked about the difficulties and hardships of life and how there are many more to come. We have comforted each other during this time and our bond has grown stronger. We both miss our grandfathers a lot, but I think it is comforting for Dustin to know that I have faced the same loss and that it is okay to be sad, confused, and lonely when losing a loved one. I know that Mr. N meant a lot to him, and he has been so courageous. I know Mr. Nelson is very proud of the young boy Dustin is and the man he will become.