Real Life Stories

Roddy and Shirley Give Back

We had been looking to ‘give something back’ to society as our kids are now at college age and above. As soon as we heard about BBBS we decided this was worth researching. Having done our homework, and been accepted into the program, we offered our services and support to a potential ‘match’.

Our experiences with our ‘little’ have been very rewarding. At first, there was a period of getting to know each other, (which of course still develops over time as he matures), but once we understood where each other were coming from, it has been somewhat challenging yet mostly great fun. Challenging because you are investing time and energy into a relationship. Rewarding in respect of our time spent together; it’s not all treats and spending money, and we have had great fun just watching movies at home, washing the cars together (including all of us getting wet), and spending additional time supporting his sporting events, where lessons are learned in victory and defeat.  However, the most rewarding elements are seeing him smile, laugh and we all look forward to the next time together. It’s difficult to know how much difference we are making, and with the support of his home environment, we are all excited and keen to continue the relationship.